Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Trivium The Sin and The Sentence: Single of The Week

Single of The Week is posted every Tuesday (from now on)

The newest single from Trivium sees the band bridging the gap between their earlier sound and the sound seen on Silence In The Snow. While Trivium have always changed up their style between albums, but the biggest change came on their 2015 album Silence In The Snow which featured no harsh vocals at all, and overall had a more classic Metal sound. This was due to singer Matt Heafy damaging his voice and being unable to do harsh vocals at the time of recording, combined with the departure of drummer Nick Augusto and his subsequent replacement by the less skilled Mat Madiro. Due to all of these circumstances Silence In The Snow was a good album, but it was much more stripped down and straightforward compared to Trivium’s usual work.
The new single, The Sin and The Sentence bridges these two style of Trivium extremely well. For all of the hate on Vengeance Falls and Silence In The Snow by die hard fans, those two albums featured some of the most impressive clean vocals by Heafy to date. Those vocals are on full display here, with Heafy using his powerful lower voice to sing most of Sin and The Sentence. On top of this we have the return to form on harsh vocals, with Heafy screaming for emphasis just like their older albums. Along with the vocals, the music is allowed to be much more complex and interesting because of new drummer Alex Bent. Bent facilitates more interesting guitar playing by Corey Beaulieu and Heafy.
    This track quality wise is somewhere between Vengeance Falls and Shogun, having an awesome sound and great musicianship without being as high brow as Shogun can be at times. From everything I’ve read this seems to be the general direction of their upcoming 8th album, and I personally think it’s a good direction for them. While I don’t expect this to be Shogun, I think it will be one of the best albums Trivium has put out, being a good return to form after the limits that were placed around Silence In The Snow.

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